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Hey dude, whatever works


Can one of these goofy-looking things help a pitcher keep his arm healthy? It's a portable hyperbaric chamber, and Yankee pitcher Brian Bruney apparently thinks so.

Since it worked on his Lisfranc foot fracture a year ago, Brian Bruney is again using a portable hyperbaric chamber as a maintenance tool for his right elbow. Bruney -- who worked two-thirds of an inning last night and walked two, gave up a hit and a run -- is traveling with a chamber borrowed from a friend.

"I was in it for 1 to 1½ hours today," Bruney said yesterday. "I thought it helped my foot last year."

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the medical use of oxygen at a higher level than at atmospheric pressure and increases oxygen to tissues of the body and helps the healing process.

It didn't help him much Wednesday night, when he was all over the lot in 2/3 of an inning. But, hey, whatever. If it keeps the hard-throwing righty off the DL I'm good with it.