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Game 72: Battle of the hardened veterans

37-year-old Andy Pettitte takes on 36-year-old Derek Lowe in the rubber match of this three-game set.

Now this guy we've seen before. In fact, Yankee batters have combined for 192 PA against Lowe. However, several more recent Yankees, such as Cano, Melky and Gardner, have never faced him. Lowe last pitched against us way back in 2004. Matsui hits him very well (1.315 OPS) but unfortunately won't play tonight, though pinch-hitting remains a possibility.

Pettitte hasn't pitched against Atlanta since 2006, but the most acquainted batter in their lineup is Garret Anderson, who has faced him 81 times (with a .957 OPS) as an Angel.

- BTW, anyone who thinks Swisher shouldn't be playing as much should read this Steve Goldman article.


New York Yankees @ Atlanta Braves

06/25/09 7:10 PM EDT

New York Yankees Atlanta Braves
Derek Jeter - SS Nate McLouth - CF
Johnny Damon - LF Martin Prado - 2B
Mark Teixeira - 1B Chipper Jones - 3B
Alex Rodriguez - 3B Brian McCann - C
Jorge Posada - C Yunel Escobar - SS
Nick Swisher - RF Garret Anderson - LF
Brett Gardner - CF Jeff Francoeur - RF
Cody Ransom - 2B Casey Kotchman - 1B
Andy Pettitte - P Derek Lowe - P