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Missed opportunities

0-8 with RISP. Eight runners stranded in innings two through four (11 overall). The second shut out in four games. An average of 2.6 runs/game in the last seven...

Wang was looking great early. His sinker was diving and moving - he threw six pitches and got three groundouts in the first. He looked to be cruising toward the fourth inning: there were two outs, Wang was ahead 0-2 on Yunel Escobar, and he stupefyingly threw a third straight slider. It was 0-2! If you're going to throw another slider there, put it in the dirt. Anyway, Escobar singled and the Braves put together a two-out, three-run rally.

Wang was pulled after five innings (and just 62 pitches) for a pinch-hitter. Phil Hughes followed Wang again, pitching two perfect innings.

A-Rod and Posada are utterly lost. They combined to go 0-8 with five Ks. Derek Jeter continues to swing - and make outs - on the first pitch. Nick Swisher went 0-5. What happened to the highly touted patience this team was supposed to have? They're constantly swinging at first pitches, bad pitches, and especially with runners on.

Is there anything that can be done to get the hitters out of their collective slump (if that's all it is)?

FYI, the Yankees have a 2.57 ERA in the last eight games, yet their record is 3-5.