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Around the Yankee Universe: Waiting for more on CC

While we hold our collective breath and hope not to explode waiting for more news on CC Sabathia's "bicep tightness," let's look around at some other stories making news around the Yankee Universe.

A couple of observations before we get to the links.

  • Can we please, please not have any more of Brett Tomko in winnable games? Tomko and his 6.28 ERA are the classic example of the journeyman mop-up guy. He belongs in games the Yankees are losing, chewing up innings when it's obvious the team isn't going to win. He has not business being in games the Yankees actually are winning, or have a chance to win. He posted ERAs of 5.55 and 6.30 the past two seasons, and his implosion Sunday (three runs in two innings) cost the Yankees a winnable game. David Robertson or Phil Hughes have got to be in the game in that spot. Besides that, how much longer can the Yankees carry Tomko and let Mark Melancon (2.48 ERA, 0.93 WHIP) languish at AAA. Gotta give him a full shot before the trade deadline I would think.
  • Where has the Yankee offense gone? I will forgive the Josh Johnson game because the Florida right-hander is outstanding, but for the most part the offense has been pathetic since battering Johan Santana of the Mets in a 15-0 victory. I'm not jumping off any bridges, and you shouldn't either, but there is no way the Yankees should have gone 2-4 against the Nationals and Marlins.

Now, follow the jump to get to a few other stories of interest.

  • Is it possible that the Yankees might actually win Manager Joe Girardi's protest of Florida's eighth-inning lineup snafu? The New York Times seems to think it's possible. I would be astounded if the Yankees actually got another shot at those last two innings.
  • Peter Abraham ran down a list Sunday of possible trade targets for General Manager Brian Cashman. The first name on his list was the versatile Mark DeRosa of Cleveland. If the Yankees want to stick to their new plan to give A-Rod more rest, DeRosa is better than anyone else the Yanks could play at third base. He could also help the Yankees at the corner outfield positions, giving them an alternative to living with Nick Swisher's slumps.
  • Great piece in the New York Times Sunday about former Yankee and currently disabled Marlin Scott Proctor. It seems that Proctor has admitted to being an alcoholic, and says that is what ultimately got him traded out of the pinstripes. I always loved Proctor. If he is healthy, and sober, I would be perfectly OK with the Yankees bringing him to camp next season as a non-roster guy and giving him a chance. If you haven't the Times piece on Proctor, go do it.
  • Since I mentioned Proctor, I have to mention the fact there is concern in Los Angeles that Joe Torre might be pushing his key relievers too hard. Gee, where have we heard that before? And, should we be surprised? Here is my take on Torre and relievers. I know his track record is filled with exploded elbows and shredded shoulders, but can you really blame the guy? His job is to win, and these middle relief or setup guys seems to have a short shelf life, anyway. You can't really depend on them from one year to the next. I can't really kill him for riding guys who are getting the job done. Especially when you know that while he was managing the Yankees fans would have killed him for losing games while his best guys rested. And you know you would have been killing him.
  • In honor of the U.S. Open golf tournament being played ... and played ... and played at rainy Bethpage, NBC Sports has put together lists of the best players to ever come from Long Island. They have separate lists for position players and pitchers. A fun read.