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Don't blame Joba

Blame the hitters. This three game series might be the most pathetic offensive showing in recent Yankee history. The Nationals have the worst assortment of pitchers in baseball. The Yankees have perhaps the best assortment of hitters in baseball. Over three games, the 'Bombers' scored seven runs... seven! (Including a beautiful goose egg tonight.) That's an average of 2.3 a game. Craig Stammen's ERA before the game: 5.86. After 6.1 scoreless innings: 4.76.

Another 0-fer for A-Rod, dropping his BA to .212.

The Nats hadn't won a series since May 9.

I don't know what's more embarrassing - going 0-8 vs. Boston, or 1-2 vs. Washington?

If not for a one-in-a-thousand fluke by Luis Castillo, the Yankees would have lost three straight series.