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Game 66: Wait... we have to play a rubber match?!

How long will Joba go today? Joba Chamberlain will hopefully go more than four today. In his last five starts, spanning 22.2 innings, he's averaged just 4 1/2 ip/start. He actually didn't pitch that poorly against the Mets (giving up just one hit), but couldn't throw strikes and reached 100 pitches in four innings. That's the book on Joba: To wear him out. I expect we'll see Washington hitters taking pitches and going deep into counts.

25-year-old rookie Craig Stammen takes the ball for D.C., rocking a 5.84 ERA. He's started five games this year and has gone at least five innings every time. Stammen's coming off a decent start against the Rays (5.1 ip, 2 er), so we know he has the ability to pitch against AL East teams.