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Around the Yankee Universe: A historic victory

Sunday's 15-0 thrashing of the Mets is the first time since Sept. 25th, 1977 that the Yankees have won a game by that many runs. Here are a few fun facts about 1977.

  • Jimmy Carter was President.
  • 'Rocky' and 'Star Wars' debuted in movie theaters.
  • Gas cost $.65 per gallon.
  • Average U.S. income was $15,000 per year.
  • The Yankees won 100 games and defeated the Dodgers in the World Series.

Here are some of the other stories of note around the Yankee Universe today.

  • The bullpen and fifth-starter dilemmas are the primary issues facing the Yanks these days. GM Brian Cashman will be paying close attention as Brian Bruney comes off the DL today and Chien-Ming Wang pitches Wednesday.

"If we fix ourselves," Cashman said, "there might not be anything we need to do. ... We need Chien-Ming Wang, This is an important step. We know what he's capable of. The velocity and the sink are there. Maybe his confidence isn't there. ... Clearly, our bullpen and our team can't continue to deal with this issue, especially when we have someone who can do the job better."

I'm rooting for Wang on Wednesday. To me, the best-case scenario right now is Wang pitching well in the rotation and Phil Hughes helping the Yanks' beleaguered bullpen. As for Bruney, will the false starts and past injury problems he has had I'm just not sure the Yankees can count on him.

  • Speaking of Bruney, why did he have to go and apologize to Francisco Rodriguez? Just when we had a good feud starting, even if Bruney should have kept his mouth shut in the first place.
  • Speaking of feuds, Girardi and Brad Penny of the Red Sox have been trading barbs. I doubt this will be an issue when the two teams play again, since Penny is likely to be pitching for someone else.
  • Did the Yankees see the real Johan Santana Sunday? Maybe not, since the Mets now acknowledge that their ace is hurting.
  • Some of you out there still think Kyle Farnsworth could help this Yankee team. Read these Farnsworth facts from the fabulous Joe Posnanski and you will probably change your mind.