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Mets at Yankees Recap: 2 out of 3

Good teams win series, and while the Yanks got a minor miracle on Friday, they won 2 out of 3.

Johan Santana before: 2.39 ERA

after: 3.29 ERA.

Welcome back to the America League.  Makes it feel like a waste of a shutout, doesn't it?

Before the game, I thought the fireworks would revolve around Brian Bruney and K-Rod's little pissing match.  Bruney said about K-Rod the kinds of things that people have been saying about Joba all season.  K-Rod went over to Bruney to play macho, the benches cleared, but no punches were thrown.  Is that the first baseball fight at New Yankee Stadium?

But that's not the real news, to me.  After A.J. Burnett's last start he drew some ire by saying 

 I'm not going to go and try to figure out what went wrong or this and that. I'm going to get back out there. 

If Burnett didn't notice the difference, let me point it out for him.

First pitch strikes against the Red Sox: 6/18, 33%

First pitch strikes against the Mets: 19/27, 70%

%Fastballs against the Red Sox: 68/84, 81%

% Fastballs against the Mets: 80/111, 72% 

Off-day tomorrow, then Washington rolls in.  I'm not saying we need to sweep for me to be happy, but the Nats are on pace to win 43 games.  Remember that a replacement level team would go 44-118.