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Time to turn the page and think about the Mets

Did the Yankees lose a tough game last night? I know they did, but the Mets come to Yankee Stadium tonight for a Subway Series meeting. So, let's turn the page and look ahead.

If I hadn't been busy wallowing in self-pity the past couple of days I might have reached out to Eric Simon over at SBN's Mets' blog, Amazin' Avenue, for a quick Q&A. Since I didn't, I'll throw down a couple of questions I would have asked him and see if Eric is paying attention to what is being said today at PA.

  1. As a Mets fan, no matter what happens this weekend how does it feel to know that no matter what happens this weekend you still root for the least popular baseball team in New York City?
  2. The Yankees may have unintentionally turned the new Yankee Stadium into a bandbox. The Mets, though, seem to have intentionally built Citi Field into a place that resembles Yellowstone National Park. What's the deal with that? Oh, and only 42,000 seats? Is that because they knew no one would come?
  3. One serious question. If I offered you Joe Girardi as manager (no, I'm not taking Jerry Manuel) how quickly would you get him in a Mets' uniform?

That's all I've got. There is, of course, a ton of Yankee-Mets stuff being written today. Mark Feinsand of the Daily News has a collection of great links at Blogging the Bombers. Feinsand, by the way, is referring to this as the 'Subpar Series.' He has a good point.