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Wang continues his excellence

For the fifth straight outing, Chien Ming-Wang lowered his ERA. How many others pitchers can say that right now?

I hope you had a chuckle there, because it's the only way to look at him and this series. Wang sucked again. And it could have been worse. He allowed nine baserunners in 2.2 innings.

Phil Hughes came on in relief and pitched (marginally) better, essentially making just one mistake (a two-run HR) - he also struck out five in 3.2 ip. I'm tempted to say it, but I won't...

The batters went 2-15 with RISP. Cano and Jeter went a combined 0-10.

If we lose tomorrow, with our best pitcher going against Boston's (second) worst, oh my lord, will the shit hit the fan.