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Yankees' 2009 Draft Rounds 1 and 2

Yesterday felt a little anti-climactic.  The first prime-time draft only went 3 rounds, and the Yanks only had 2 picks.  But they did make history of their own: for the first time since 2003 (Eric Duncan and Estee Harris) the Yanks took two position players with their first two picks.

First, the Yanks took high school centerfielder Slade Heathcott.  He's a left hander with speed and range, despite recovering from ACL surgery.

For the second round, the Yanks snagged high school outfielder/catcher J.R. Murphy.  He's only moved behind the dish this season, and in one season has made himself the best catcher in Florida.  Part of that is based on his highly projectable bat, but part of it is because he's made himself a fundamentally sound catcher.  He's growing into his game, which is a good sign.  Plus, anyone athletic enough to catch can move out to first, maybe third, or certainly the outfield, should Jesus Montero actually stick at catcher.

On great thing (h/t to Lane Meyer), both these guys are 'signable' guys.  That leaves the Yankees plenty of room in the budget to sweep up quality players later on.  Remember that one of the reasons the Yanks let Gerrit Cole go last season was they felt he and his advisor (Boras) were asking for too much, especially after the Yanks had committed big money to guys in the later rounds.