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Play of the year!

Wow! That's all I could think after Joba made a full-out diving grab off a bunt and then threw to second for a double play. Instead of second and third, one out, it was runner on first, two outs.

In addition to that play, Joba happened to pitch tremendously. He allowed two runs in a career high eight innings. Just when people thought Wang should replace Joba in the rotation, he throws a gem like this. He averaged 94 MPH on his fastball, struck out five, and allowed only six baserunners (two walks and four hits).

The Yankees nearly blew the game by going 3-16 with RISP (and two GIDPs), including scoring no runs with the bases loaded and no outs in the sixth.

The Yanks also set a ML record with their 18th consecutive error-less game (though Gardner's mis-play on Sunday should have been an error). 

Nick Swisher looks to finally be coming out of his slump, going 2-4 with two doubles and a walk (including the game-breaking two-run, bases-full double).

Posada and Cano nearly cost the Yankees the game - they went 0-8 with 13 runners left on base.

Three out of four sounds so much better than a split. We can go to sleep happy.


PS: Can we please stop the 'Joba to the pen' debate?

PPS: Also wanted to mention that Berroa, despite being an automatic out, has a cannon for an arm. And that Joba overcame the midges this time.