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FanPosts Improved!

Putting together a 'FanPost' is now easier than ever. You can even share it with your friends on 'Twitter.'

Here is some of what is new. Go to SBN's 'Blog Huddle' for full details.

Share on Twitter

When you publish a FanPost or FanShot let your friends (or followers as they're called) know via Twitter. We've built an easy tool into the FanPost and FanShot editors that automatically creates a short URL back to your post and lets you send that to your Twitter stream along with a quick message. You can set this all up from your account settings screen, or right within the FanPost and FanShot editors

Redesigned FanPost Editor

We've made a few changes to the layout and features of the FanPost editor:

  • Bigger text area
  • Spellchecker
  • Draggable jump bar
  • Sidebar inserts palette
  • Easy status + save
  • Autotagger

Let's all be Friends

That all brings me to something else. I have deleted a few comments lately, and sent a few folks nasty grams regarding the tone of other comments. We are all friends here. We are Yankee fans, and we are in this community to share our love for the team. Calling people douche-bags, morons, idiots and other names is not acceptable. Check the Community Guidelines if you need a refresher. Remember, folks, we want mature, intelligent discussion. We don't want name-calling and insults that don't add anything to the discussion.