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Thinking About 14-9

In April, I asked the Yanks to go 15-8; they went 12-10 and looked ready to repeat 2008.

In May, against opponents who were tougher last season, I asked for a lower target 16-13; the Yanks went 17-12 and now sit atop the division by one game in the loss column.

For June, I'm again asking the Yanks to play .600 ball against the below .500 teams, and a game over .500 against the contenders.

Opponent Games Against 2008 W%
Cle 1 .500
Tex 3 .488
TB 4 .599
Bos 3 .586
NYM 6 .549
Wash 3 .366
Fla 3 .522
Atl 3 .444
Sea 1 .377

This month, to go less than 5-2 against the combo of Cleveland, Washington, Atlanta, and Seattle would seem to be a major disappointment.  To lose a game to the Nationals (on pace for 43 wins) would be embarrassing, especially considering how the AL has dominated the NL in recent seasons.

The way the Yanks have played the last two weeks, 9-7 against Tampa, Boston, the Mets, and the Marlins seems like underachieving, too.  Tampa has been devastated by injuries.  While I picked the Marlins to win the NL Wild Card, their pitchers have simply not stayed healthy.  The only series that causes genuine nervousness is Boston at Fenway, but I believe we're due for some serious rebound there.

June is basically the first two weeks at home (with a quick trip up to Boston), then the next two weeks away (with the last weekend "home while away" at CitiField).

14-9 doesn't seem like too much to ask.