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7 Reasons for Hope on May 7th

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1.  The Yankees have on of the best offenses in the game right now.  Despite missing their best hitter, and often fielding 3 players who OPS+ below 70, the Yanks are 4th in the AL in OBP and OPS.  And it's a pretty wide drop off to number 5.

2. The Yanks are aggressive on the base-paths.  Their 91.3 SB% is best in the game, and they have been running- their 21 SB is tied for 4th in baseball.

3. Arod's rehab is going very well.  Rumors continue to swirl of his eminent return.

4. Robbie Cano (.333/.369/.518) and Melky Cabrera (.328/.400/.537) shared a big plate of shame this offseason and have started 2009 better for it.  Small sample sizes, I know, but imagine if Cano had repeated last April.

5. The Yankees' starters have combined to allow fewer hits than innings pitched (133-136).  Only Joba's WHIP is above 1.38.  This means the Yanks are getting beat in the pen and by some bad luck.

6. Speaking of the pen, damn it's scary out there.  But Mariano's shoulder seems to be ok- 10.2IP, 13H, 16K, 0BB.

7. Phil Hughes has a long way to go to usurp one of the spots in the starting rotation, but after a couple of starts he has put the shine back on his star.  Too many walks (6) and a small sample size (10IP), but I like what I see.