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Game Recap: Instant Replay Edition

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I shouldn't complain, should I?

The Yanks have been hot lately.  We're still in first.  They didn't really hit today, making the American Idle look like a Cy Young contender.  You can't walk the leadoff man.  They didn't beat Kerry Wood when they should have.

But I keep going back to Mark Teixeira's 3 run 2 run homer.

I'll try not to belabor the point. 

I was against instant replay on home runs.  We all know the arguments: the beauty of the game, keeps things moving, the human element.

I'm still indifferent to homerun review.  But once they put a system in place for one kind of play, it should be in place for all plays.  

If a homer is ruled fan interference the ump can call the hitter out; when fans reach over the wall, triples become ground rule doubles and the runners' advancement is limited.

So why, when the replay clearly showed Jeter is safe, can't the manager ask for review?

Limit the challenge to once per game, and give the umps discretion on inconclusive footage.

But on May 31st, in the top of the 9th, Mariano Rivera should have been protecting a one run lead, instead of Phil Coke trying to preserve a tie.  Maybe the Indians would have won anyway, but I'd have happily taken my chances.