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Recap: Yankees Cruise

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CC wasn't as dominant as his last few outings, but I'll take it every time.7 innings, 8 baserunners, and Sizemore's homer was Cleveland's only extra base hit.

Robbie Cano lifted his team leading batting average to a team leading .320, and hopefully tonight is a sign that Nick Swisher is getting back on a hot streak.

How good does Hideki Matsui look in the 7-hole?  If he keeps hitting the ball with authority Joe Girardi is going to have one of those good problems on his hands...

An easy decision ought to be to forget that Jose Veras is on the roster.  There are few people who believe in the committee approach to the bullpen more strongly than I do.  I think that Joe G. showed a knack for pushing the right buttons last year, and I know that pitchers go through mechanical slumps just like hitters do.  But Veras has now pitched 20.2 innings while allowing 19 hits and 14 base on balls.  Could he be hiding an injury?  If not, I have to think that it's time to see if he can clear waivers- he's 28 with a career ERA near 4.5, and down in Scranton Mark Melancon has allowed 14 hits and 5 walks in 18.2IP, against 23Ks.

Toronto beat Boston, so the Yanks move to 2 losses up in the East.  Back with an early game tomorrow.