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Return of the Native

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CC got booed at the Cav's game (so did Arod).

Sabathia returns the park he cut his big league teeth in. He faces the Fausto Carmona, who is having a hard time filling CC's shoes.

Sabathia's May has been just what we all hoped for- 3-1, 2.33 ERA, 38.2IP in 5 starts including one complete game. In those 39 innings, Sabathia has been masterful: 29 hits and 7 walks against 29Ks. Opponents hit .203/.245/.259.

On the other hand, Carmona's control has deserted him in May. He's still filthy- a sinkerballer who allowed only 25 hits in 26 innings, with 15Ks. But Carmona walked 19! That's a .253/.375/.293 line. Carmona hasn't allowed a homer in 5 May starts, so expect the Yankees to be patient, and try to stack some big innings on little hits.