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Around the Yankee Universe, 05.30.09

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AL East Standings

New York 28 20 .583 0 Won 2
Boston 28 21 .571 0.5 Lost 1
Toronto 28 23 .549 1.5 Won 1
Tampa Bay 24 27 .470 5.5 Won 1
Baltimore 23 26 .469 5.5 Won 5

(updated 5.30.2009 at 8:25 AM EDT)

Let's look around the Inter-Google for stories about our New York Yankees today, the first time in 971 days the Yankees have been alone in first place.

  • Let's get this one over with. You know I am on the 'leave Joba Chamberlain in the rotation' side of that supposed argument. So is General Manager Brian Cashman. Cashman told ESPN Joba to the bullpen is "not even an option." He had even more to say about the 'he's better in the bullpen' argument, and he wasn't very nice about it.

"That's all crap," he said. "Wake up and smell the coffee. If he's on national television on ESPN and throws 91 on the 22nd pitch, why would you think if he comes in in the eighth inning protecting a 4-3 lead [he'd throw 96]? Stop, he's a starter.''

Thank you, Cash. This argument should be over. The only way Joba sees the bullpen ever again is if he hit his innings limit later this year. Or, down the road he proves that he physically can't handle starting. Period. By the way, check out this comparison of Chamberlain and Johan Santana at the same age. It provides more evidence of why the Yankees want to see what kind of starter Chamberlain can become.