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Posada and the Blogfather

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Jorge Posada returned to the lineup last night and went 2-3 with a walk and a double. Having a catcher that hits like he does lengthens the lineup immeasurably (well ok, maybe measurably, but a lot).

Posada has been the second best hitting catcher over the last five seasons (trailing only Joe Mauer). This season, he's the third best (trailing Mauer and Victor Martinez).

On average, catchers are hitting .259/.330/.403 in MLB this year. Yankee catchers not named Jorge are hitting below the average (.273/.308/.345). Posada is at .325/.417/.600! So not only are we replacing a replacement-level hitter with an above-average hitter, but an All-Star.


- I conducted a little Q & A session with Peter Abraham, the Yankee 'Blogfather':

Is Arod acting any different this year so far? Do you notice any lingering effects of the steroid scandal? Is he looser?

He seems the same to me. No blonde highlights in his hair, there is that. I have not noticed any lingering effects on him, he is hitting well and producing. In terms of being looser he was never really a part of the team fabric socially or within the clubhouse. He is always working out, doing his own thing. People overrate that stuff anyway.

What's your best player anecdote from your career and this season?

Career: When Jeff Karstens got hit with a liner and broke his leg in 2007, Sweeny Murti asked Giambi what he thought. "Fuck," he said. "You hate to see that." Sweeny says to him that he needs a cleaner version to use on the radio and asks The Big G the question again. G says "No, really, fuck. You hate to see that."

This season? Not much yet. Seeing A.J. trying to speak Chinese to Wang is kind of funny.

Will the new Stadium continue to be so homerific? Why or why not? Are the players, coaches or executives concerned about it? What will be done to 'correct' it (if anything)?

It'll only get worse as the weather gets warmer. It's a joke. RF is not the same dimensions as it was across the street. The pitchers hate it, the hitters love it. The team baseball execs are horrified because it's Coors Field East. I suspect they'll move the fences back in the winter.