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Around the Yankee Universe, 05.03.09

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Let's take a look around the Inter-Google at some of the stories making the rounds of the Yankees' Universe this morning.

  • Chien-Ming Wang has admitted that the foot he injured last season running the bases was the primary cause of his atrocious start this season.

Wang said his back "leg came up and I was getting to the front (foot) too quick." Pitches he was trying to keep down in the strike zone were coming in belt high and hittable as a result. "He can't push off," said organizational pitching guru Billy Connors. "That's where you get your push and your torque. His pitches were up in the zone."

When the Yankees placed Wang on the 15-day disabled list, they had his injury as weakness in the adductor muscles in the hips. He is working to strengthen them, but both he and Connors clearly think the right foot has been the culprit.

Among other exercises, Wang has been running barefoot in the outfield at the club's minor league complex to increase flexibility in the foot. He works out in a pool with Alex Rodriguez to improve hip strength. The results were evident Saturday as he threw four no-hit innings with two walks and three strikeouts in an extended spring training game. He threw 52 pitches, 33 for strikes, and maxed out at 93 on the radar gun.

"I seem to struggle every year at the beginning of the season. But it's just a matter of when I get out of it. Hopefully it's going to be soon."

Personally, I am not worried about Teixeira. By season's end, this rough patch will be a distant memory.