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I can't believe I stayed up for this

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The Yankees outhit the Rangers (12 to 9), out-stole them (5 to 1), out-wild-pitched them (0 to 2), and just when it seemed like they were going to take the lead, Nick Swisher hit into an inning-ending double-play with the bases full. The Yankees left 12 men on base, went 2-12 with RISP, and grounded into three double-plays.

I don't know if it was the 2+ hour rain delay or Joba's normal problems against the Rangers, but he had almost no control, walking four and throwing more than 80 pitches in just four innings.

Melky Cabrera sprained his shoulder on Texas' first AB of the game, crashing into the CF wall chasing an Ian Kinsler line-drive.

- A bit of good news after this depressing game: Jorge Posada caught in a simulated game in Tampa, and could join the Yanks in Cleveland by the end of the week.