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Game 46: More bad memories

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There's something in the Texas air (heat?) that injures Yankee pitchers. Just as Phil Hughes hurt his leg in May of 2007, Joba Chamberlain hurt his shoulder in Texas last August. On top of that, Joba is coming off an injury-shortened start when he left in the first inning. Girardi and Eiland will scrutinize his every move. May he exorcise the demons as well as Hughes did yesterday.

Facing Joba will be Kevin Millwood, Texas' best pitcher. Millwood is sporting a nifty 3.12 ERA in 66.1 innings. Against the Yankees, he has a decent 4.46 ERA (42.1 innings), including one dominant game last year when he K'd six in five innings and allowed just a run.

Despite his slump, Swisher has to be in the lineup. In 29 career plate appearances against Millwood, Swisher has a 1.323 OPS.

Who's hot?

No one's been hotter than Mark Teixeira, who's batting line in the last week is is a ludicrous .458/.536/.833.

Not far behind is Robbie Cano: .440/.440/.840 (the zero walks is disappointing).

And we know about A-Rod: .364/.462/.773.

Who's cold?

Not counting the catchers (who both should be backups), Hideki Matsui has been the coldest Yankee: .167/.167/.333.

Not much hotter is Johnny Damon: .200/.304/.300.