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Around the Yankee Universe, 05.25.09

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Here are some of the stories floating around the Inter-Google today as the Yankees hit the road following a terrific homestand.

  • The Yankees needed to play well on their just-completed homestand, and Bryan Hoch of says their 8-2 mark in the 10 games was exactly what the doctor ordered.

There's a chance that we'll be looking back at those 10 games at home as a pivotal moment in the team's season, depending on how this all plays out.

Why? Because this was the homestand where Yankee Stadium really began to feel like there might be some kind of home-field advantage for the Yankees -- I keep thinking back to when David Wells appeared at the new place and he proclaimed that the Yankees "have no advantage here."

It may be a homer-haven, but these 10 games against the Twins, Orioles and Phillies proved that they could play winning baseball in New York.

  • The Yankees begin a seven-game road trip today in Texas. previews the trip.
  • Brian Bruney is still hurting, and he still doesn't know why. Bruney's status seems very iffy. He might be available today. He might be headed for the disabled list again. This is not a good situation for Joe Girardi and the Yankees. It's hard to carry a guy in your bullpen when you aren't sure day-to-day if he can pitch.
  • Several other injured Yankees appear on the road to recovery. Joel Sherman of the New York Post thinks one of those injured players, Jorge Posada, should DH more and catch less when he returns. I don't disagree that Jorge's days as a productive full-time catcher are done. The problem with Posada as DH is how would the Yankees find at-bats for Hideki Matsui?
  • Ex-Yankee Jim Leyritz, facing a DUI manslaughter charge, is still saying the fatal accident was not his fault. I still think Leyritz needs to look in the mirror and figure out that he is still alive and the woman whose car he struck is dead. He is not the victim here.
  • Mark Teixeira's broken-bat home run might be the most amazing of the ridiculous 87 that have been hit in the 23 games played at the new Yankee Stadium. How do you feel about the fact that the Stadium seems like a homer haven? Vote in the poll below and let us know.