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Views of the sports world

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Here is this week's installment of 'Valentine's Views,' where I share thoughts on the Giants, Yankees and a host of other sports-related topics.

  • I think I agree with this statement from's Jon Heyman. ""The problem with the new (Yankee) Stadium isn't the wind tunnel to right field or the expense. It's the quiet. It's a pricey library."
  • Speaking of Yankee Stadium, I think I also agree with this statement from Bryan Hoch of "Every time there's a fly ball here, I think it's going out of the stadium.
  • I think when Derek Jeter homered Saturday to pull the Yankees within 4-2, you had to think another special finish was possible as long as the Yanks could stay close. Of course, we know A-Rod, Robinson Cano and Melky Cabrera made that happen.
  • I think this was another great line from Heyman, posted on his Twitter page after Saturday's Yankee rally. "A-Rod plays Mr. Clutch again. Was that hip surgery or heart transplant?"
  • Speaking of Alex Rodriguez, I think you have to admire what he is doing. It's obvious he can't run very well, and his mobility at third base is limited. The guy sure is important to the Yankees, though, and he keeps hitting important home runs. For once, he seems to be relaxed and just enjoying playing the game.
  • I think you have to wish Philadelphia Eagles' defensive coordinator Jim Johnson well, and say a prayer for him. Yes, he works for the Eagles. But the man has cancer and he's fighting for his life. You can't think about that in football terms. And, yes, 'GMen69' I'm chiding you a bit here for your 'Fanpost' on Big Blue View about Johnson.
  • I think I love watching how speed can change a baseball game. Look at what we have seen from Brett Gardner of the Yankees recently. A mad dash to home plate from second base that resulted in an out on a great play by Minnesota catcher Joe Mauer, one of the best and most exciting plays you will ever see no matter how long you watch baseball. Gardner also victimized Minnesota for an inside-the-park home run. And, don't forget Boston's Jacoby Ellsbury stealing home off Andy Pettitte. That stuff is baseball at its most beautiful.
  • Speaking of Gardner, I think he has to start getting some of the at-bats that have been going to the plummeting Nick Swisher (.123 batting average in May).
  • I think the most fascinating, and probably the most important, part of the upcoming New York Giants' season will be watching the work of the team's coordinators. Offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride doesn't have Plaxico Burress, but he does have a host of new receivers and running backs. Whether or not he is able to find ways to maximize their abilities will be critical to the Giants' success. Defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan is a rookie replacing the highly successful Steve Spagnuolo. If the Giants, who loaded up on defense in free agency and the draft, don't play well defensively Sheridan will take a lot of heat.
  • I think the amazing season being enjoyed by Kansas City's Zach Grienke is all the evidence Yankee fans should need that giving up on Phil Hughes would be stupid. Grienke, 25, has been looked at as a potential star ever since he broke into the league as a 20-year-old in 2004.
  • I think I am wholeheartedly in Peter King's corner when he bemoans the movement toward expanding the NFL season. This will not help the game at all. I think it will only shorten careers and water down the product on the field. Oh, and put more money in the pockets of NFL owners.
  • I think you have to wish former NBA player Brian Grant well in his battle with Parkinson's Disease.
  • I think the coolest thing about the Denver Nuggets vs. Los Angeles Lakers NBA playoff series is Carmelo Anthony and Kobe Bryant are guarding each other. Super stars rarely go mano-a-mano like that, and it is a treat to watch the two of them go at each other.