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The Comeback Kids strike again!

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Melky Cabrera hit his third walk-off hit of the season to give the Yanks their ML best 17th come-from-behind win.

It looked like we were going to lament one bad pitch by Andy Pettitte (a three-run jack in the fifth), but the Yanks tacked on a run in the sixth, then rallied for three in the ninth (against one of the game's best closers no less).

The pleasure of this game was seeing the young guys come through yet again. Despite A-Rod's clutch homer in the bottom of the ninth, I didn't have utmost confidence Rivera could shut down the homerific Phillies in this homerific park. But Cano followed with a clean single, then stole second (something he's not usually good at). Melky came to bat, and watched a slider cross the outer edge of the plate. Lidge threw another in the same spot and Melky put a nice, easy swing on it, depositing it into right-center field for the game-winning hit. Here's how it went down:

New York - Bottom of 9th SCORE
Brad Lidge pitching for Philadelphia PHI NYY
B Lidge relieved R Madson. 4 2
J Damon walked. 4 2
J Damon to second on fielder's indifference. 4 2
M Teixeira struck out swinging. 4 2
A Rodriguez homered to right, J Damon scored. 4 4
R Cano singled to center. 4 4
R Cano stole second. 4 4
M Cabrera doubled to right center, R Cano scored. 4 5

Who shouldn't be forgotten is Phil Coke, who pitched 1.2 scoreless relief innings to keep the Yanks within two.

Who should also be recognized is Kevin Long. Despite not hitting J.A. Happ much at all, the Yanks' ABs against Brad Lidge looked like they'd seen him hundreds of times. The only hitter who didn't look comfortable was Teixeira. Everyone else looked comfortable and confident, especially A-Rod, who laid off slider after slider until Lidge finally threw a full-count fastball; A-Rod was ready, putting a pretty, opposite-field swing on it, lining it into the first few rows of the right-field stands (a New Yankee Stadium Special).

Great rubber match tomorrow: Sabathia vs. Hamels.