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Around the Yankee Universe, 05.23.09

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Let's take a look at what is being written and said around the Yankee Universe the day after the winning streak died.

  • Chien-Ming Wang's three-inning mop-up stint was deemed a success despite his surrendering six hits and two runs.

"His velocity was a lot better," said Yankees manager Joe Girardi, who noted the righty had made progress since he was placed on the disabled list last month. "We saw a lot more good sinkers."

“I should have a healthy arm,” Bruney said, “and I should feel great.”

Yet Bruney, the Yankees’ top setup man, was unavailable on Friday as he dealt with his latest bout of elbow pain.

Bruney had a magnetic resonance imaging exam on Thursday and an arthrogram on Friday, seeking answers. But he was found to have no structural damage, and no identifiable problem at all.

“It’s a little bewildering, because anytime you feel something and nothing shows up, you’re like, ‘Well, why does it hurt?’ ” Bruney said. “I’m not being a baby about it. I’ve been pitching for a while with it.

Let's hope he gets it figured out. The Yankee bullpen is a much different one with a healthy Bruney than without him.