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Streak snapped at nine

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Well, it had to end sometime. It started badly with a Jimmy Rollins homerun, and ended 7-4. The Yanks never led and the closest they came was within three runs.

Burnett pitched poorly (6 ip, 5 er), there's no pussy-footing around it; Wang, who entered in relief, didn't pitch much better (3 ip, 2 er), yet lowered his ERA to a robust 25.00. The good news is that his velocity was better (averaging 93 MPH, topping out at 95).

A-Rod, Jeter and Tex all homered. A-Rod also hit his first double of the year.

The Yanks put just one runner into scoring position all night.


The Sox and the Jays both lost, so the Yanks don't lose any ground.

Andy Pettitte goes against J.A. Happ tomorrow in a FOX game. That means Joe Buck and Tim McCarver! Oh, the joy!