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Joba goes down in ninth straight win

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A bit of a pyrrhic victory tonight as the Yanks completed their second consecutive sweep, downing Baltimore 7-4.

However, Joba Chamberlain took a liner off his right knee and came out of the game two batters later (after limping to cover thirdbase on a hit). X-Rays were negative, and his injury is listed as a 'bruise'.

Al Aceves came in and pitched admirably, shutting out the O's for 3.1 innings. Albaladejo followed and let Baltimore get back into the game, giving up four runs in 2.1 innings. Fortunately, Jose Veras and Mo Rivera shut the door. Mo was back to his old ways and velocity, averaging 93 MPH over seven pitches in a perfect frame to close out the match.

Tom Sizemore went 0-4 (which is a more honest representation of his true offensive ability). A-Rod also went 0-4, and is batting just .171.

It's a pleasure watching the strong defenders we have now: Melky, Gardner, Swisher, Tex, Cano, who are making plays we wouldn't normally see in past years.