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'Yankee Way' is about winning

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So, Yankee broadcaster Michael Kay and radio blabbermouth Mike Francesa apparently have themselves all in a lather about the team actually having fun.

It seems Kay, Francesa and possibly ex-Yankee stars David Cone and Paul O'Neill, aren't too happy with the whipped cream pie celebrations. Or with any of the ways the team is showing that it is actually enjoying itself.

You know, it's just not The Yankee Way.

Geesh, not this again. I hate this 'Yankee Way' crap.

What is the 'Yankee Way,' anyway?

Is it Mickey Mantle playing games hung over? Is it Mike Kekich and Fritz Peterson swapping wives? Is it 'The Bronx Zoo?' Is it the legendary lush, Billy Martin? Is it Martin and Reggie Jackson brawling in the dugout? Is it Sparky Lyle sitting his naked butt on cakes in the clubhouse? Is it whatever soap opera Alex Rodriguez is involved in on any given day?

Need I go on with this stuff?

This corporate, business-like maintain your decorum and never show anyone you might actually be enjoying yourselves image of the 'Yankee Way' is a bunch of nonsense.

The 'Yankee Way' is winning. Winning World Series titles to be exact. They have collected 26 of 'em, and in case Kay, Francesa, Cone, O'Neill or anyone else who doesn't like their on-field enjoyment hasn't noticed, it's been a pretty long time since the last one.

If having some fun with each other -- and actually showing that they like each other -- helps the Yankees get a 27th championship I'm all for it. In fact, I'm all for it, anyway. Baseball is a kid's game that these guys get paid millions of dollars to play. Why shouldn't they have some fun doing it?

And, please, let's stop with this 'Yankee Way' nonsense.