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Around the Yankee Universe, 05.20.09

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Let's take a look around the Inter-Google at what is being written and said about our New York Yankees as they continue to roll along.

  • You have to love the attitude reliever Edwar Ramirez displayed when the Yankees optioned him to AAA Scranton-Wilkes Barre to make room for Brian Bruney.

"I have to go down, because I'm not pitching like I'm supposed to," Ramirez said. "I have to work. I have too many walks this year. They're right, and I have to pitch a little bit more and work on my location."

I have been an Edwar fan since the Yankees first brought him up a couple of seasons ago. Sending him out instead of releasing Jose Veras (6.61 ERA) is probably the right move since the Yankees would have lost Veras, who has no options. Still, I hope Edwar pitches well and earns his way back.

  • Pie-throwing. A mock WWE belt given to the star of each victory. Players laughing and enjoying each other on the bench and in the locker room. Filip Bondy of the Daily News points out that there are some very un-Yankee like things going around the Yankees these days. Personally, I love to see the fun, the camaraderie. It can only help during a long season.
  • The Yankees liked what they saw from Chien-Ming Wang during his bullpen session at the Stadium Tuesday.
  • Joe Torre might be persona non-grata at Yankee Stadium, but he appears headed for an appearance there next season, anyway. It seems the Dodgers might be in New York for inter-league play in 2010. It would be very interesting to see the reception Torre is afforded.
  • Alex Rodriguez hit a home run in his fourth straight game last night. Even before that, though, Sweeney Murti had pointed out the obvious -- the Yankees missed him tremendously the first month of the season.

It's clear that the Yankee turnaround isn't entirely about Alex Rodriguez-the lack of production at third base would not have been as big an issue if the Yankee starters had gotten out of the gate faster, if the bullpen hadn't been a disaster, if Jorge Posada hadn't gotten hurt, and if Teixeira hadn't been batting under .200 for the first five weeks.

But it's also clear that the Yankees missed A-Rod more than anyone is willing to admit. He will undoubtedly say or do something very stupid in the near future. And I will be among the first in line to tell you how stupid what he said or did was. But when Alex Rodriguez steps into the batter's box he makes the Yankees a better team than they are without him.