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Angels 8, Yankees 4

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Well, so much for that nice four-game winning streak the Yankees had been on. An ugly 8-4 loss to Anaheim, and another game where CC Sabathia didn't live up to the expectations the Yankees had for him when the handed him a $161 million contract.

A few thoughts.

  • Is Manager Joe Girardi trying to kill Sabathia before the All-Star break? Sabathia is now 1-3, 4.85 ERA, but he was actually quite good Saturday until faltering int he 7th inning. Girardi, though, left him out there -- again -- until it was too late. In six starts, CC has thrown more than 100 pitches four times, three of those above 110. I know he's a horse, Joe, but horses do break down when you ride 'em too hard.
  • What was Girardi thinking pinch-hitting Jorge Posada for the hot-hitting Ramiro Pena in the 7th inning? I know Posada was his only bullet, but if you are going to use Posada in that inning you have to let Pena hit and use Posada for the scuffling Brett Gardner. Of course, the hole in that idea is that Nick Swisher was not available and since the Yankees are carrying 13 pitchers no one else could play the outfield. Umm, Brian Cashman, get rid of a pitcher, please!
  • Have we seen enough of Jose Veras yet? I'm convinced that even when he throws strikes, it's pretty much luck. The guy is all arms and legs, and has no clue where the ball is going. If you want to revamp the 'pen, start by sending him away.
  • Speaking of the bullpen, and Sabathia as well, I'm convinced that Girardi is part of the problem. He seems to have no read on Sabathia, and no real clue how to handle his bullpen right now. I would even question Friday, bringing Mark Melancon, in just his third big-league appearance, into a bases-loaded situation. That, of course, backfired.
  • Booing Mark Teixeira? Already, Yankee fans? Get real. Yes, he is struggling, but this guy is a great player. He has contributed more defensively in a month than Jason Giambi did in seven years, continues to get on base and we know he is going to hit. He has never been good early in the season. Just give him time.