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Midwest Day in the Bronx

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The Yankees look to keep the momentum going this afternoon, and they've got the right man on the mound to do it.

Joba Chamerblain (6GS, 1.56WHIP, 34.2IP, 34Ks) represents the Corn Huskers on the mound.

The 23 year old is coming off a strong, if not spectacular win over the Orioles (6IP, 3R, 9H, 2BB, 5K). He has never faced the Twins.

Nick Blackburn (1.44 WHIP, 7GS, 41.2IP, 19Ks) defends the honor of Sooners everywhere.

In 3 games against the Yanks, Blackburn has given up 8 runs in 10.2IP. The Yankees are hitting a terrifying .367/.436/.612 against the righty. The 27 year old is coming off his best start of the young season, 7 innings against the Mariners, 0R, 5H, 6Ks.


Minnesota Twins @ New York Yankees

05/16/09 1:05 PM EDT

Minnesota Twins New York Yankees
Denard Span - CF Derek Jeter - SS
Brendan Harris - 2B Johnny Damon - LF
Joe Mauer - DH Mark Teixeira - DH
Justin Morneau - 1B Alex Rodriguez - 3B
Jason Kubel - LF Nick Swisher - 1B
Michael Cuddyer - RF Robinson Cano - 2B
Brian Buscher - 3B Melky Cabrera - RF
Mike Redmond - C Brett Gardner - CF
Nick Punto - SS Francisco Cervelli - C