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Yanks are home, for better or worse

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The Yankees start an important 10-game homestand tonight. Filip Bondy of the New York Daily News says it is time for the players -- and fans -- to make peace with the new Yankee Stadium. And for the Yanks to start winning games there.

More than anything, what they need to do now is remember how to win in the South Bronx.

This is not going to be easy, because the Stadium is not the same as the last one, no matter how hard the architects tried to recreate the dimensions and the decibels. It is quieter, except for the intrusive sound system. It is emptier in the most visible seats, priced for a Wall Street aristocracy that no longer exists. At least so far, the prevailing winds have been very kind to line drives, particularly those launched by the opposition.

Like it or not, this is home sweet home. There is no crossing the street back to the old place. The Yankees are already reselling their legacy over there, one fraying, blue chair at a time. The new building will have to do for the next three decades or so, and it better start acting friendlier in a hurry.