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Speaking of the business of baseball

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More news from MLB that they're completely and utterly out of touch with their fans. MLB Advanced Media is proud to have patented a unique technology that 'verifies [computer] access based on a determined geographic location of a subscriber of a service provided via a computer network.' In other words, MLB is taking a step to ensure blackout rules are adhered to no matter where you are in the world. You can't try to trick MLB by using a different zip code to gain access to previously unavailable broadcasts.

Check out the comments attached to that story. It's great to see fans ripping MLB right on their own website.

Someone in Australia can watch the Phillies, yet I, who live five miles from their ballpark, am unable to watch their TV broadcasts. Makes perfect sense, doesn't it? Because of this BS, I won't be able to watch the three-game series against the Yankees next week. Ugh... someone needs to shake sense into Bud Selig.


- The top prospect of the amateur free agent class is 15-year-old Dominican SS Miguel Angel Sano, who is expected to sign for at least $3 million.

You'll remember what happened with last year's 'can't miss' prospect, pitcher Michel Ynoa, yes? He had an agreement in place with the Yankees for about $2.7 million, then broke the agreement when Oakland offered him $4.25 million. The Yankees refused to get 'held-up' and let the A's sign him. A lot of 'what ifs' happened last year we might look back on with regret: the non-signing of Ynoa and draft-pick Gerrit Cole, two incredible pitching prospects that 'got away' for one reason or another.

Anyway, there's a good, little video on Sano.