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Game 34: BIG Lefties in rubber match

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Has there ever been a matchup of bigger pitchers? CC Sabathia stands 6'7", weighing 250 lbs. Brian Tallet is 6'7", 208 lbs.

Sabathia has fared well against Toronto in his career: 7-4, 3.46 ERA in 67.2 innings. He dominated the Jays in one game last year (beating Roy Halladay): 7 ip, 6 h, 1 er, 2 bb, 9 k.

Tallet has primarily been a reliever, but was converted into a starter this season due to injuries. He's been equally effective in both roles: .500 record, ERA between 3.65-3.75. Tallet has never started against the Yanks, but has compiled 28.1 innings of 2.86 ERA ball in 20 relief appearances.