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Halladay's just too good

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That's all this game comes down to. Burnett's a good pitcher, but Halladay's great (it also didn't help that Jeter and Posada were out of the lineup).

Halladay seemed to get the benefit of a few calls that Burnett did not, but it ultimately wouldn't have mattered. Halladay was dominant, allowing just five hits and no walks in a 103-pitch complete game effort, with a ridiculous 16 groundouts to only five flyouts.

This team could use an extended winning streak, and soon.


- Chien Ming-Wang pitched a strong game for Scranton tonight, shutting out Charlotte over six innings with three hits, three walks and six Ks (along with seven groundouts and four flyouts). He should be given at least one more 'rehab' start before thinking about bringing him back.