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Around the Yankee Universe, 05.12.09

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Here is some of what is being written and talked about around the Yankee Universe today, as we wait for A.J. Burnett and Roy Halladay to go head-to-head tonight.

He credits Halladay for helping him mature and becoming a better pitcher; he hopes to show the teacher what he learned tonight.

"I went there for a reason," Burnett said. "It was only for three years, but I believe that reason was to be around a man like Roy Halladay. You see someone out there that's great and gets better every time. That kind of opens your eyes a little bit.

"The main thing I gathered from him is preparation and focus. I never really watched videos or paid that much attention until I got around him. He's locked into every game when he's not pitching. I try to do that when I'm not pitching also."

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