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Aubrey Huff is a baby, and other news

The Orioles' first-baseman hit a three-run homer off Joba Chamberlain in yesterday's 5-3 Yankee win. When he rounded the bases, he looked directly at Joba, said something and pumped his fist, then did it again when he touched homeplate.

"He's done it a couple of times to me when he's struck me out," Huff said. "For me, it's just in good fun. I always told the guys that if I get him, I'm going to give him a nice fist pump. For me, it wasn't really showing anybody up. I was just trying to have some fun with it. He does it all the time and I figured, 'You know what, why not?'"

Huff clearly has a personal grudge against Joba, for not one other player has done this in nearly three years that Joba's been around. He should get over it. It's a fist pump, big deal! Has Huff ever seen K-Rod or Papelbon record a K?


- I've been away for a couple weeks (in Japan), where I was only able to follow the Yanks marginally. But my thoughts from afar include:

Tex will start hitting soon. He's not a .287 career hitter for nothing.

Melky will cool off soon. This hot start could merely be another mirage like we saw last April.

Posada going down really, really sucks. The guy is a borderline Hall of Famer. Cervelli and Molina are nice back-ups, but that's all.

The Yanks abysmal hitting with RISP (.244) is bound to improve, especially with the addition of A-Rod and the inevitable hot streak Tex will go on.

Manny: not shocking, but the question now becomes: who didn't juice? (And if there was anyone from Boston that I suspected, it's Ortiz - but I'm expecting that news to come in time).

I'll be posting about a Tokyo Giants game I attended, and how it differs from MLB in terms of the quality, atmosphere and ballpark.


- Chien Ming Wang will make a rehab start tomorrow for Triple-A Scranton.


- Johnny Damon was the AL Player of the Week, hitting .419/.455/1.032 (yes, a 1.487 OPS!). It'll be interesting to see whether the Yanks re-sign him. I'm wary of mid-30's guys in contract years, but there won't be much better on the free agency market. Right now, the Yanks left-fielder in 2010 is Melky Cabrera or Austin Jackson. One's a good 4th OFer, the other's never had a ML at-bat.