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Isn't This What We Expected?

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Phil then Joba. Both learning, but helping the team while they grow (In case you missed it, IPK is having surgery for the same kind of aneurism that David Cone suffered.)

We saw the best and worst of Joba last outing against the Sawx. He showed spotty command in the first and his lighting fastball left the park in a hurry. He was down 4-0 and still on the mound.

And then he made an adjustment and turned it around. He finished 5 and two-thirds, striking out 12 batters.

"Rookie" Koji Uehara has been a solid pick-up for the O's, at least the first time around the league. Other than a rough night in Texas on his second start (5IP 7ER), Uehara has been on point- 31.2IP, 28H, 3BB. He humbling of the Yanks back in April was overshadowed by Wang's disastrous outing, but he threw 63% of his pitches for strikes.

He faces a different lineup today, and the Yanks need to be aggressive in the bandbox.