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Thinking About 16-13

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Last month, as I looked over our April opponents, I suggested that the Yankees should start the season 15-8.

Instead, they went 12-10 with a rain out.

Let's take a look at May.  

Opponent Games Against 2008 W%
LAA 3 .617
Bos 2 .586
TB 2 .599
Bal 6 .422
Tor 3 .531
Min 4 .540
Phi 3 .568
Tex 3 .488
Cle 3 .500

The question mark for me is the Blue Jays.  They played the Yanks 9-9 last season and they finished a game behind the Twins and would have been second in the West.  Add in their hot start to 2009 and for this exercise, I'll call them "contenders."

Again, I'm asking for .600 ball against the below .500 teams, and a game over .500 against the contenders.

That means going 16-13.

May promises to be a very tough month for the Yanks- 17 games against contenders, 12 against non-contenders with only 2 off days.  Thankfully, the Yanks get to play 18 games at home this month in two long home stands.