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A note of caution about Melky

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Melky Cabrera has answered the challenge posed by Brett Gardner with an impressive start this season. The Melk-man is, for now, the Yankees' every day center fielder.

Here is Manager Joe Girardi.

"He'll be out there tomorrow . . . Melky has played his rear end off and he's going to keep playing."

Melky is now hitting .327 with four home runs and 9 RBI in just 49 at-bats. He also has a .400 OBP. His teammates have noticed his stellar play.

Here is Derek Jeter.

"When he's gotten his opportunities to play, he's contributed. He kept working. If he sat around and didn't do anything, you'd be worried, but he worked hard."

Before we go crazy and anoint Melky as an All-Star and the center fielder for the next 140 games, let's remember one thing. He started hot last season, too, hitting .299 with 5 home runs and 12 RBI in April. He wound up hitting just .249 with 8 home runs, and spent a month banished to AAA.

So, impressive as he has been, let's see how this plays out. Two or three weeks from now, Gardner could be back out there.

  • Even with the prices slashed, there were still plenty of empty premium seats at the Stadium last night.