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Pena's first and Mo's wild pitches

Ramiro Pena pinch-hit for Jeter in the 9th and singled for his first big league hit. Congrats to him!

However, if the Yankees see him as the shortstop of the future, it would serve him better to play everyday in Triple-A than get one AB every three games in the bigs.

- Just finished watching the DVR'ed game, and Ken Singleton said something that struck me. It was something to the effect of: 'Mariano has one wild pitch in the last 10 seasons.' So I had to look it up.

While Singleton was hyperbolic, Mo's control is incredible. He has just two in the past six seasons (not counting 2009), and only 11 in 1024 career innings. In fact, Mo has fewer wild pitches than any active pitcher with more than 800 innings.

- The pitching staff, while striking out just four in the last two games, struck out 12 today. And how's this: the relievers were perfect in 3.2 innings.

- Nick Swisher went 3-5 with a homer and double. Xavier Nady went 1-5 with a double. Just sayin'...

- Robinson Cano, for maybe the first time in his career, leads the team in walks (with three). 

- Since it hasn't been mentioned yet, I'll link to a piece about Nick Adenhart. It's hard to fathom what happened. I literally watched him pitch just last night, and now he's gone. It's horrible.