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How to Make It Look Easy

A.J. will get the headlines for the first successful start of the season- 6K against 1BB over 5.1IP.  He wasn't exactly economical with his 98 pitches (59 strikes), but after the headaches of the last two games, it's back page worthy.

There will be the notes about Tex's first HR, Cano's 2 singles and a homer, and Swisher's 7 TB.  All good things, especially if it leads to more Swisher and less Nady in the outfield.

But the reason the Yanks had it won before A.J. left the game was the bullpen.  3.2IP, 0H, 0BB, 6K.

Cynics will argue that's what they're supposed to do.  But the truth is that is rare to have a bullpen able to fire on all cylinders for 4 innings.  That's what the Yankees have constructed.

Here's to more of the same tomorrow in Kansas City.