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Remind me what the strength of this team was supposed to be

Starting pitching, if I recall correctly. Yet that has abandoned the Yankees in both games of the early season.

How is that a Cy Young runner up, in the prime of his career, gets hammered, yet a 34-year-old with average stuff dominates one of the better lineups in baseball? I don't know, but its the reason baseball is the most unpredictable game in the world.

The offense has scored five runs each game so far, and that should be enough to win a fair share of games, but our starters' ERA is 14.63. They have zero strikeouts in eight innings. It was the same problem as Monday afternoon: throwing strikes, which Wang did barely half the time (40 of 73).

Now all the pressure falls on Burnett in an afternoon contest tomorrow.

At least Tex got his first hit (and the gorilla off his back).