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Wang tries for first win

Chien Ming-Wang makes his 2009 and rehab debut against Japanese import Koji Uehara, who's making his major league debut.

Ironically, the two starters have faced each other before. They squared off in the 2004 Olympics, with Japan edging Taiwain, 4-3.

Anyway, Wang gets hit around by Baltimore. His career record is a solid 5-3, but as yet another indicator of the uselessness of W-L record, his ERA against them is 5.13. Brian Roberts, Melvin Mora and Nick Markakis all have an OPS over .840 against him. Ty Wiggtinon and Aubrey Huff aren't too far behind at .742 and .694 respectively.

Uehara is an 'experienced vet', having pitching 1500+ innings over 10 seasons in Japan, compiling a 112-62 record with a 3.01 ERA. His game is control - he walked just 206 in that span. PECOTA projects him to pitch only 122 innings with a 4.62 ERA this year.

Game 2, 160 to go.