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The Lefties

3 of the 4 lefties on the roster pitched in yesterday's game.

CC was his own problem, so all I can do for him is hope.

But Phil Coke showed why he'll be a valuable asset for an inning plus an out. A couple of ground balls, a K, a BB.  He got one out in the 6th and was good in the bottom of the 7th.  But after a longish top of the 8th I was surprised to seem him back out there.

But I'm glad that Girardi isn't doing anything crazy like limiting him to facing lefties.

Of course, the other options got their chances later and stunk it up.

Marte signed quickly for 3 years and an option at $4 per year.  If I had told you at the start of the last offseason that Marte was going to be guaranteed more money and more years than Tom Glavine and John Smoltz combined would you have believed me?

While I supported the Marte signing at the time, he was the best lefty on the market and we'd already sunk the cost of trading for him, as I watched contract values collapse last off-season I can't help but second guess now.

This is a guy with a career 4.04 BB/9.  His 1.25 WHIP is solid but unspectacular.  If he can be that player for 2 of the 3 years he'll be worth it.  But I wonder if, like Kyle Farnsworth, we'll wind up counting the days until he's traded.