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The march to no. 27 begins...

The 2009 season opens in Baltimore, as CC Sabathia and the Yankees take on Jeremy Guthrie and the Orioles.

Sabathia has dominated Baltimore throughout his career. In nine games, he's 5-0 with a 2.38 ERA. The Orioles as a team only have a .550 OPS against the big man (though he hasn't faced them since May 6th of 2007).

Melvin Mora has a .453 OPS against him. Brian Robertis is even worse (at .274). Aubrey Huff has had a modicum of success (.640), but surprisingly, Ty Wigginton has owned him (.891).

Nick Markakis, Adam Jones, Luke Scott and Gregg Zaun haven't had enough PAs to make any conclusions.

Jeremy Guthrie has not fared too well against the Yankees (though not poorly either). In seven career games, he's 2-2 with a 4.38 ERA and a .769 OPS-A. Those include three games last season when he pitched to a 4.05 ERA.

Johnny Damon (.924 OPS-A), Hideki Matsui (.904), Melky Cabrera (1.250) and Nick Swisher (1.167 - should they be starting?) have all had a go at Guthrie. Jeter (.540) is the only hitter in the starting lineup who has struggled.