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It's prediction time

There won't be any 'Mike & Mike' style leg waxing. Nor will there be any money changing hands. But, the regular season opens today and that means it is prediction time.

TravisG, jscape and I have all made our predictions for the upcoming season. They are listed below.


AL East AL Central AL West
Tampa Minnesota Anaheim
Yankees (wild card) Chicago Texas
Boston Cleveland Oakland
Baltimore Detroit Seattle
Toronto Kansas City
NL East NL Central NL West
Philadelphia Chicago Los Angeles
Mets (wild card) St. Louis Arizona
Atlanta Cincinnati San Francisco
Washington Houston Colorado
Florida Milwaukee San Diego


AL East AL Central AL West
Yankees Minnesota Anaheim
Boston Cleveland Oakland (wild card)
Tampa Bay Chicago Seattle
Baltimore Kansas City Texas
Toronto Detroit
NL East NL Central NL West
Mets Chicago Arizona
Florida (wild card) Milwaukee San Francisco
Philadelphia St. Louis Los Angeles
Atlanta Pittsburgh Colorado
Washington Cincinnati San Diego



AL East AL Central AL West
Boston Cleveland Anaheim
Yankees (wild card) Minnesota Oakland
Tampa Bay Chicago Texas
Baltimore Kansas City Seattle
Toronto Detroit
NL East NL Central NL West
Mets Chicago Los Angeles
Philadelphia (wild card) St. Louis Arizona
Florida Cincinnati San Francisco
Atlanta Pittsburgh Colorado
Washington Milwaukee San Diego

Your thoughts?

[Speaking of predictions, Driveline Mechanics projects the Yanks to have the best rotation in the division - Travis G.)