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Around the Yankees' Universe, 04.30.09

Let's tour the Inter-Google to find out what is being written about in the Yankees' Universe this morning.

  • The Joba Chamberlain starter vs. reliever debate will probably never go away. Last night's performance gave the advantage -- for today -- to the starter camp. By the way, Joba now has a 2.85 ERA in 16 career starts. That's a pretty good statement right there.

Here's Joe Girardi's take.

"He's got such good stuff," Joe Girardi said. "I'm sure we'll debate this forever, but that's what we think he can do.

Beat reporter Peter Abraham has long been in the 'Chamberlain as starter' camp. he seized on last night's performance -- specifically one pitch Joba threw -- to further his case.

My thoughts: I have said this many times, but I will say it again. Initially I believed Chamberlain should stay in the bullpen and take over as closer when Mariano Rivera is gone. With Mo around this year and next year, though, Joba would be wasted in the bullpen. You have to find out if this guy can be a consistent, big-time starter.

  • Alex Rodriguez will play in a rehab game today. That means he could be back in the Yankee lineup in about 10 days. Meanwhile, in a reminder that the A-Rod soap opera is never far away, Selena Roberts' new book, "A-Rod," suggests Rodriguez' steroid use did not end when he came to the Yankees. Ugh!! That story isn't going away.
  • Mariano Rivera appears unconcerned about surrendering home runs in back-to-back appearances.
  • The Yankee bullpen has, obviously, been a disaster area thus far. Sweeny Murti wonders if the Yankees will regret not adding a veteran reliever, and takes a look at all the free agents the Yankees could have had. To be honest, it's not an impressive list.